David and Victoria Beckham Wore Matching Gold 1:1 High Quality Rolex Replica Watches UK In Their 1998 Engagement Photos

Thanks to a new Netflix documentary about the life of David Beckham, plenty of people are taking a look back at the unique place he and his wife, Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, occupy in pop culture. And one highlight of the top Rolex replica watches has set the horological world alight.

The eagle-eyed lads at GQ noticed that Posh and Becks were wearing matching AAA UK Rolex Yacht-Master fake watches at their 1998 press conference where they announced their engagement. Images taken at a hotel in Chester, England accompanied the news, showing Victoria wearing a fur-trimmed leather jacket next to a shaggy-haired Beckham in a hooded, navy cheap copy Rolex watches are getting their due.

The Swiss made replica Rolex Yacht-Master watches, which debuted in 1992 debut, was at the time the first new model line Rolex had introduced in nearly 30 years. The couple’s his and hers perfect Rolex super clone watches feature two different case sizes, but both were formed from 18-karat yellow gold and featured white dials.

British footballer David Beckham and fiance singer from the “Spice Girls” Victoria Adams pose for photographers outside their hotel after the announcement of their engagement on January 25, 1998 in Chester, United Kingdom.

The Beckhams’ engagement photos showcased the couple at the height of their ’90s stardom. David had been named the Professional Footballers’ Association’s Young Player of the Year for the 1996-97 season, and Victoria was about to embark on the Spiceworld Tour.

Today, the luxury Rolex Yacht-Master replica watches‘ rugged yet luxurious appeal has caught the attention of stylish celebs like Patrick Mahomes, Gordon Ramsay, and Jay-Z. The Swiss watchmaker no longer has the timepiece in the Beckham’s configuration in its current collection, but the Crown does still offer the Yacht-Master in a yellow gold case on a black rubber Oysterflex bracelet, and the Swiss movemnets fake Rolex Yacht-Master II watches in a yellow gold case and bracelet.

Of course, if you and your spouse want to bend it like the Beckhams, it’s hard to beat the originals: Bobs Watches currently has the men’s and women’s versions of the replica Rolex watches for sale for $21,695 and $15,995 respectively.

Top Swiss UK Fake Rolex Watches

Depending on the model you’re after and the dealer’s ability to get one from Rolex, you could be waiting several years before your new timepiece makes its way to your wrist. There is also no guarantee you will actually get the model you want, as Rolex is known to stop making particular models without giving any real warning. Here are some cheap Rolex replica watches.

Replica Rolex Explorer I ‘Two Tone’ Watches

Reference Number: 124273-0001
Case Size: 36mm
Material: Oystersteel and Yellow Gold
Bracelet: Oyster
Price: AU$15,700

One of high quality fake Rolex’s most underrated watches, 2021 saw the time-honoured Explorer I crafted from two-tone steel and yellow gold for the very first time. Generally speaking, two-tone watches are easier to get your hands on than pure stainless steel or pure gold watches, but this popular Explorer I might. bethe exception to that rule.

The 2021 update to the perfect UK Rolex copy watches brought the case size down to 36mm, which pays homage to the original model launched in 1953 following Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s groundbreaking Mount Everest ascent.

Fake Rolex Explorer II ‘Polar’ Watches

Reference Number: 226570-0001
Case Size: 42mm
Material: Oystersteel
Bracelet: Oyster
Price: AU$13,300

Often mistaken for a GMT-Master II, the best Rolex Explorer II replica watches looks nothing like the Explorer I. It’s a GMT watch like the GMT-Master II, but is slightly larger at 42mm and features a fixed stainless steel bezel as opposed to the ceramic-topped directional bezel of its more famous sibling.

It also features a stark white dial (hence ‘Polar’) although it’s also available with a black dial if the white look is too much for you.

Rolex Yacht-Master ‘Messi’ Replica Watches

Reference Number: 126655-0002
Case Size: 40mm
Material: Everose Gold
Bracelet: Oysterflex
Price: AU$39,450

At first glance, the Swiss movements fake Rolex Yacht-Master watches is very similar to the Submariner, and that’s because it is. The main difference is that it has a matte black Cerachrom bezel with raised numerals and graduations as opposed to the Submariner’s gloss bezel, and it’s slightly less water-resistant with only a 100m rating.

It’s also available in a wide variety of case sizes/materials/etc. and is one of the few models that can be optioned with online Rolex super clone watches’ supremely comfortable silicon ‘Oysterflex’ strap. World-famous Argentine football player Lionel Messi owns one of these in Everose, hence the nickname.

Rolex Yacht-Master II Fake Watches

Reference Number: 116680-0002
Case Size: 44mm
Material: Oystersteel
Bracelet: Oyster
Price: AU$26,300

The Rolex Yacht-Master II replica watches for men is perhaps Rolex’s most misunderstood watch. Not only is it one of the biggest Rolexes currently in production at a hefty 44mm, but it also features a rather unusual complication: a regatta timer.

A regatta timer is used to count down the amount of time remaining before yachts competing in a race are allowed to cross the start line – a highly specialised and complex complication. Few luxury replica Rolex Yacht-Master II watches owners use their watch for its intended purchase. But it’s pretty cool, right?

Who Says You Can’t Wear White After Labor Day? Our Favorite Luxury Rolex Replica Watches UK For Disregarding Summer Rules

It’s Labor Day here in the United States, the three-day holiday weekend that marks the unofficial end of summer. While no one really believes or adheres to that old-fashioned rule about wearing white only before Labor Day, it does make for a nice excuse for us to feature a few of our favorite bleached-out Swiss made Rolex replica watches.

Whether it’s white ceramic, white rubber, or just a white dial, the color certainly makes a louder statement than black, more commonly found in watches. Still, some best UK Rolex fake watches are so good that we can’t help but think we’ll be reaching for them (or dreaming about reaching for them) long after the temperatures have dropped and the pumpkin spice is hot. With that, here are a few of our favorite watches, no matter the time of year.

Replica Rolex Explorer II 16570 ‘Polar’ Watches

While I absolutely cannot stand the way that all-white 1:1 cheap Rolex copy watches look on my wrist – I once owned a white G-Shock, for about five minutes – I do have a long-standing love for watches with white dials, especially those with black accents. And, if I’m going to consider the Mount Rushmore of white dial watches – think: early 5270G, Speedy Project Alaska, and early 25554BA Royal Oak QPs – there’s no way I’m carving into that cliff face without including one of my all-time favorite watches and, for my money, one of the best 5-digit designs ever produced by Rolex, the Swiss movements replica Rolex Explorer II 16570 watches.

Offered from 1989 to 2011 with either a black dial or the white “Polar” dial, my love is exclusive to the white dial offering, with its lightweight black-rimmed markers, matching hands, and bright red GMT hand. I became captivated by the 16570 (and the Explorer II at large) while reading No Shortcuts to the Top by the American alpinist Ed Viesturs. Shortly thereafter, I picked up a late example 16570 Polar, which has the more modern 3186 movement, and I wore it on two hikes to the top of Washinton State’s Mt. Baker (one successful, one not).

For me, the combination of the size, the bright dial, the flying GMT functionality, and the legacy of the perfect Rolex Explorer II fake watches makes this watch just about perfect. On the bracelet, it can be worn in just about any scenario, and I love to swap in a NATO when I’m not worried about a dress code. Labor Day or otherwise, my 16570 is never far from my wrist, and I’m happy to see that prices for tidy examples have started to move back toward reality. After all, I prefer a world where five-digit Rolex references are four-digit prices.

Fake Rolex Yacht-Master 16628 Watches

Nasty in a good way, these early 16628s have so many little features that quickly turn me into Yacht-Master guy. This specific top replica Rolex watches was introduced in 1992, ran for only a couple of years, and not all examples have tritium dials. If you want to get super nerdy, some 16628 examples date to 1991, as Rolex pre-produced the model a bit. I would have to find one with a tritium dial – the triangular plots applied directly on the dial are unique and quirky. Similar to the super clone Rolex Daytona and Explorer II white dials of the early 1990s, these 16628s have a “porcelain” effect due to a multi-layered lacquering process. The result is a crispy black font that hovers above the white surface upon close inspection, sitting between the layers of lacquer.

If I had to lounge on the back of a yacht this Labor Day, sipping rosé, I would do so á la Succession’s Cousin Greg: “It’s a Rolex; it’s not my favorite. It’s fine. I’ll wear it. It’s just not my favorite.”