Top Swiss UK Fake Rolex Watches

Depending on the model you’re after and the dealer’s ability to get one from Rolex, you could be waiting several years before your new timepiece makes its way to your wrist. There is also no guarantee you will actually get the model you want, as Rolex is known to stop making particular models without giving any real warning. Here are some cheap Rolex replica watches.

Replica Rolex Explorer I ‘Two Tone’ Watches

Reference Number: 124273-0001
Case Size: 36mm
Material: Oystersteel and Yellow Gold
Bracelet: Oyster
Price: AU$15,700

One of high quality fake Rolex’s most underrated watches, 2021 saw the time-honoured Explorer I crafted from two-tone steel and yellow gold for the very first time. Generally speaking, two-tone watches are easier to get your hands on than pure stainless steel or pure gold watches, but this popular Explorer I might. bethe exception to that rule.

The 2021 update to the perfect UK Rolex copy watches brought the case size down to 36mm, which pays homage to the original model launched in 1953 following Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s groundbreaking Mount Everest ascent.

Fake Rolex Explorer II ‘Polar’ Watches

Reference Number: 226570-0001
Case Size: 42mm
Material: Oystersteel
Bracelet: Oyster
Price: AU$13,300

Often mistaken for a GMT-Master II, the best Rolex Explorer II replica watches looks nothing like the Explorer I. It’s a GMT watch like the GMT-Master II, but is slightly larger at 42mm and features a fixed stainless steel bezel as opposed to the ceramic-topped directional bezel of its more famous sibling.

It also features a stark white dial (hence ‘Polar’) although it’s also available with a black dial if the white look is too much for you.

Rolex Yacht-Master ‘Messi’ Replica Watches

Reference Number: 126655-0002
Case Size: 40mm
Material: Everose Gold
Bracelet: Oysterflex
Price: AU$39,450

At first glance, the Swiss movements fake Rolex Yacht-Master watches is very similar to the Submariner, and that’s because it is. The main difference is that it has a matte black Cerachrom bezel with raised numerals and graduations as opposed to the Submariner’s gloss bezel, and it’s slightly less water-resistant with only a 100m rating.

It’s also available in a wide variety of case sizes/materials/etc. and is one of the few models that can be optioned with online Rolex super clone watches’ supremely comfortable silicon ‘Oysterflex’ strap. World-famous Argentine football player Lionel Messi owns one of these in Everose, hence the nickname.

Rolex Yacht-Master II Fake Watches

Reference Number: 116680-0002
Case Size: 44mm
Material: Oystersteel
Bracelet: Oyster
Price: AU$26,300

The Rolex Yacht-Master II replica watches for men is perhaps Rolex’s most misunderstood watch. Not only is it one of the biggest Rolexes currently in production at a hefty 44mm, but it also features a rather unusual complication: a regatta timer.

A regatta timer is used to count down the amount of time remaining before yachts competing in a race are allowed to cross the start line – a highly specialised and complex complication. Few luxury replica Rolex Yacht-Master II watches owners use their watch for its intended purchase. But it’s pretty cool, right?

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