Why Did AAA Wholesale Rolex Milgauss Ref. 6541 Replica Watches UK Fetch CHF 2.2 Million?

1:1 UK replica Rolex Milgauss ref. 6541 watches was auctioned for CHF 2,238,000 this past March, I am sure you heard. Now that the dust has settled somewhat, we ask ourselves: was it worth it? What makes this such a special watch? And why did it outperform its estimate by so much?

Let’s have a look at one of the rarest regular production models from The Crown.

Milgauss history 101

Let’s kick things off with a very brief recap of what sort of watch we are dealing with. The story started in the mid-1950s. Rolex was hard at work releasing cheap Swiss Rolex fake watches for specific professional target audiences — the Submariner for divers, the GMT-Master for pilots, and the Explorer for, well, explorers. Omega’s Railmaster had already shown there was a market for a watch with great magnetism resistance. So high quality Rolex replica watches followed suit with a specialist watch for scientists and others working in highly magnetic environments, such as hospitals and laboratories.

The first top copy Rolex Milgauss was ref. 6543 watches in a 38mm steel case with a rotating bezel. It featured an iron ring around the movement and an extra-thick case back for protection from magnetic fields. Reference 6541, as recently auctioned, used a full-iron Faraday cage inside rather than the thicker case back. The key visual difference to the 6543 was the lightning-bolt-shaped seconds hand. Both share a waffle dial, a dauphine handset, and the Rolex caliber 1080 inside.

These early references are poorly documented. There are versions known with solid steel bezels as opposed to the Submariner-style rotating bezels. Reference 1019 replaced the 65xx models in 1960. There were likely only around 200 pieces produced by then as they did not turn out to be a great commercial success.

The Milgauss auctioned by Phillips, March 2023

This means the perfect replica Rolex Milgauss ref. 6541 watches is one of the rarest regular-production models that Rolex has ever made. This in itself is enough to warrant spectacular auction results. But the one offered by Phillips in March was in excellent condition to boot.

The case is seemingly unpolished, and the Swiss made Rolex fake watches was hardly ever worn. The bezel is free of any scratching or fading, and the dial and revited Oyster bracelet are immaculate too. And then we have the set content. The chronometer certificate, guarantee card, booklet, hangtag, and box are all still with the watch.

In short, all the ingredients for a record-breaking auction were present here.

Putting a number on a Milgauss ref. 6541

It is usually quite hard to put a price on China Rolex super clone watches as rare as this. Dutch magazine Quote interviewed vintage dealer Jasper Lijfering about the auction recently. Jasper is known to be an admirer of the reference, and he publicly shared his hunt for one on YouTube. As it happens, he also sold one in amazing condition fairly recently. If anyone can put a number on a 6541, it is him.

In his eyes, these should fetch around €300,000 in today’s market. You can double that figure for one in as good a condition as the one recently auctioned. There is currently one on Chrono24, in worn condition with no accessories, advertised at €287,000.

Another one in lesser condition was set to be auctioned by Sotheby’s on June 9th, but the lot has been withdrawn. It carried an estimate of US$80,000–120,000, but then, as mentioned, it was nowhere near the condition of the Phillips lot. And as you probably know, condition is everything in this segment.

So, what happened with the Phillips lot?

To put it simply, a bidding war between two parties happened. That’s about it. Apparently, one of them was an American collector. The other? Well, supposedly, that was best Rolex replica watches, although the brand has, in true Rolex style, not commented on the matter.

Once you enter the realm of luxury fake Rolex watches as rare as this, anything can happen. It is hard to speak of “a market” when the result is determined by only two parties. In fact, these two parties may have a bigger influence on the market than the market did on them. Welcome to the odd world of rare collectibles!

Closing thoughts

It is interesting to see brands snapping up their own “heroes” like this. Of course, they want to have a collection of great examples of their past creations. But then they are also pushing up the prices and building hype this way. Which is the greater motivation? Who am I to say?

This is obviously a game for the ultra-rich with a set of rules that does not apply to “normal” watch collecting. What do you think? Is this Swiss movements replica Rolex Milgauss ref. 6541 watches worth CHF 2.2 million?

UK AAA Replica Rolex Finally Comments On The Product Shortage – And Conspiracy Theories Need Not Apply

Two weeks ago, a story appeared on Yahoo Finance with a headline reading “Why the Rolex replica watch shortage is a ‘perfect storm.'” As clickable as that title is (and yes, I did click), the story itself – in its original form – addressed something that’s been well-documented for quite some time: It’s hard, if not downright impossible, to buy a steel luxury fake Rolex sports watch. Full stop. But then the story was updated to include an official comment from Swiss made replica Rolex.

It’s important to note that 1:1 fake Rolex basically doesn’t publicly comment, and especially not on matters pertaining to its own supply and distribution. This is big news, but it also raises some big questions.

There’s a lot to unpack here. First, what we’ve all thought to be true all along is confirmed. There is no nefarious master plan at work by AAA replica Rolex UK to pinch its own supply and deprive us of the watches we love. On the contrary, this is the fault of the general watch buying public. We want our cheap copy Rolex Submariners, our Daytonas, our GMT-Masters so badly that we are buying them all up. Our own Jack Forster actually addressed this point, not two weeks ago, in the comments section of his story on watch specifications (we encourage you to read the whole thing).

“We’re in the middle of the most unprecedented feeding frenzy for stainless steel sports fake watches for sale UK, in general, and Rolex in particular, that I’ve ever seen,” he said. “In twenty-plus years, I’ve never seen anything like it.” Of course, you can add “they who shall not be named” (I’ll name them: the grey market) into this equation, as well, but that’s still something of an unspoken issue.

Second, is top Swiss fake Rolex’s acknowledgment that increasing supply would come at the expense of quality, which is something none of us want – especially those of us who live by the loupe and the macro lens. The tail end of the second paragraph is also significant. In response to the heightened demand, Swiss movement replica Rolex is trying to increase the supply, at least somewhat. Maybe that means, instead of zero watches in the glass cases of boutiques, we’ll get one or two (one can dream).

But it’s the final paragraph that really hits the hardest. According to Rolex fake for sale UK, it’s the official retailers “who independently manage the allocation of watches to customers.” This feels very much like an “it’s not us, it’s them” statement when it comes to overall availability. In many ways, this is high quality copy Rolex’s way of separating itself from waitlist culture.

We reached out to Rolex replica Paypal UK on both of these questions. It turns out that while everyone has been speculating like crazy for years about what this all means, the one thing nobody has done … is just ask Rolex.

In a comment to our site, Rolex North America told us exactly why it gave this statement in response to the request from Yahoo. “Because they asked.” In speaking to the product shortage, it added “This is similar to what we have been talking about for years. We are never going to compromise the quality of our product.”

So future advice to all the wholesale fake Rolex conspiracy theorists out there – when in doubt, just ask.

Replica Rolex Milgauss 116400GV Stainless Steel Watches UK: Rolex’s Unique Design

If you could only buy one watch during your whole life,I believe many of you would choose Rolex. In fact,many people know that the famous replica watches in Rolex are durable,accurate,valuable and high-quality. And these characteristics have determined its top status in the watch industry. It is very difficult for other watch brands to surpass Rolex. Rolex has many classic and popular series,for example,the Day-Date collection,Datejust collection,and Yacht Master collection are quite popular among watch lovers. But I want to recommend the Milgauss series in Rolex because the watches have very unique design.

The fake Rolex Milgauss 116400GV watches with 40MM diameters are famous for the distinctive appearance. Firstly,the watches are equipped with lightning-bolt-shaped seconds,most watches don’t pay attention to the second hand,but Rolex never neglects the little details. Moreover,the Milgauss watches use the green sapphire crystals and Z-blue dials to create the more lively and bright visual experience for customers.

Replica Rolex Milgauss 116400GV Watches With Smooth Bezels

If you look the watches from the front sight,you may find the mirror of the watch is transparent and you may first attracted by the Z-blue dials. But if you change your sight,look at the watches from side,you may find the color of the mirror has changed into green. This little design can make you feel magical and surprised. The oyster bracelets copy Rolex watches has three pieces links for wearers to adjust the length. You can achieve the most comfortable feeling.

For those people who are truly interested in watches,the most attractive point of the wonderful fake Rolex watches is not the unique style but the highest standard of technical indicator. After so many years of continuous development,Rolex insists on bringing us the best design and the strongest performance. Even in such a mechanized society, Rolex still has many designs that completed by hand. So such a brand which take the products and customers in the first position is deserved our appreciation.