UK Swiss Best Fake Rolex Watches (And The Icons Who Helped Make Them Famous)

No matter how much or little you know about watches, one thing is universally known and understood: cheap Rolex replica watches is king. Culturally, historically, figuratively, hypothetically, literally. It always has been, and it probably always will be. It has the nickname The Crown for a reason, and no one is stealing it from them in a hurry.

Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches

The simple, elegant top UK fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches dates back to 1926. It was the first waterproof watch, its name inspired by the tight, sealing properties of an Oyster. A few years later came the term Perpetual, which refers to Rolex’s patented self-winding movement. Conjoined, the term Oyster Perpetual is found across nearly every Rolex dial, indicating that each model is built upon the waterproof Oyster case, fitted with a Perpetual winding automatic movement. But, on its own, the AAA wholesale replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches is the no-date, steel descendent of the first-ever Oyster.

Got it? OK! With that cleared up, we can discuss the brightly coloured, lacquer dialled luxury Rolex Oyster Perpetual copy watches that have captivated imaginations and launched a thousand obsessions. Launched in 2020, these trade at least double their retail value and come in flirty hues like candy pink, yellow, coral red… and, of course, Tiffany Blue (not the official name, but we can’t resist). Watch head Kendrick Lamar rocked his (now discontinued, certified grail) 41mm Tiffany Blue OP at the Grammys this year and everyone drooled. To collect each colour is a dream, and capitalising on this, Rolex launched a freshly launched OP “Bubble Dial” dotted with every single colour in the collection. Gotta catch ‘em all!

Fake Rolex Explorer/Explorer II Watches

The Explorer is my favourite perfect replica Rolex sport watches due to its sheer simplicity. The original reference of this timepiece climbed Everest in 1953, so she doesn’t have to flex extra hard with the visuals – she’s an icon and she knows it. The 3-6-9 (“damn, she fine”) numbers shine against the strong black dial, making for a minimalist statement that would look great styled with your GORP-core or with Levi’s and a pearl necklace. As famed Explorer owner (and Bond writer) Ian Fleming once said, “A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit.” So choose what great men (Fleming, Tom Hardy, literal explorers…) have chosen before you. One last thing: I much prefer the 36mm version of this 1:1 Rolex super clone watches, which is better proportioned and more low-key (and less “try-hard”). Less is more, lads.

Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches

At its core, the GMT-Master II evokes the fabulous era of flight before long security lines and Crocs were a mainstay. Its predecessor, the Swiss movements replica Rolex GMT-Master watches, was born out of PanAm’s request for Rolex to create a pilot watch that could keep up with swiftly shifting time zones as commercial air travel became mainstream. In 1955, the GMT-Master debuted, deploying a rotating bezel and a 24-hour hand to display two time zones simultaneously. Then came the improved-upon GMT-Master II in 1983, boasting a better movement and ability to track a third time zone. So, even if you have a smartphone to tell you the difference between GMT, EST and PST, you can set your watch accordingly to subtly flex your LONDON, NEW YORK, LA jetset lifestyle.

Now, another thing: if you’re new to the watch world and hear people using nicknames for high quality Rolex fake watches, they’re often in reference to GMT-Master IIs. The “Coke”, the “Pepsi”, the “Rootbeer”, the “Batman”; these are a few names for GMT-Master IIs per their functional bezel colours that cleverly indicate time of day, e.g. the Pepsi’s colours are red for daytime and blue for nighttime. One last thing, at last year’s Watches & Wonders, Rolex debuted a left-handed GMT Master-II (which has since been nicknamed the “Destro”), shaking the earth under Rolex enthusiast’s feet and claiming wrist real estate on notable lefties like NBA’s Russell Westbrook and West Ham’s Declan Rice.

Rolex Datejust Fake Watches

As common as this watch may seem, the online Rolex Datejust replica watches is not to be taken for granted. The Datejust was revolutionary when it hit the market in 1945, its automatically changing date window (get it? DATEjust) remaining ever-relevant technology today. In fact, this watch, which initially debuted to celebrate Rolex’s 40th anniversary, holds the title of being Rolex’s best-selling watch of all time. And for good reason! Simple, distinct and versatile, the DJ comes in a countless array of colours, metals and variations. There’s something for everyone, with many collectors calling the Datejust the watch that kicked off their luxury watch collection.

It’s difficult to narrow down the amount of star-studded DJ owners… Everyone from Martin Luther King Jr. to Rihanna and David Beckham has worn it. But not, despite popular belief, Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman in American Psycho; that was a Seiko dupe because replica Rolex watches for sale refused to associate with such an evil character. Rolex is scarily on top of its public image, making for an enduring, trend-proof brand that gets entire articles dedicated to its flagship models (like the one you’re reading now).

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