The Latest Market Price Of Black Cheap UK Fake Rolex Submariner Watches

Long-selling popular black AAA replica Rolex Submariner watches is the diving watch that many people dream of. It may not be as strong as the Green Water Ghost in terms of secondary market prices, but it is really not easy to get it from the long-term high premium status of the watch. However, the black UK top Rolex Submariner fake watches has a hidden advantage over the green water ghost in that its appearance has changed relatively little. The water ghost has always been a black bezel with a black dial, so from the active 126610LN, the previous generation 116610LN, and even the previous generation 16610LN, the appearance change is not too obvious, so if 126610LN is too difficult to buy, or you think If the price in the secondary market exceeds the budget, it is also a good choice to look for models that have been discontinued.

The price changes of the three generations of black Swiss made Rolex Submariner replica watches may be more impressive than the changes in appearance. When WatchCharts, an advanced watch market research and research institution, recently observed the market trend of the three generations of black 1:1 best Rolex Submariner copy watches it mentioned the national characteristics of these three watches. The external pricing is US$7,375 (16610LN), US$8,950 (116610LN) and US$10,250 (126610LN), which represent the price difference between three decades. Of course, the internal and external specifications of the Rolex replica watches shop itself will also evolve over time.

At present, the high popularity of the black perfect fake Rolex Submariner watches is not only reflected in the high premium of the active models, but also the value of the previous two generations of works that have been discontinued is also higher than the price. Entering 2023, it will continue to decline. WatchCharts observed that the market prices of these three Rolex super clone watches for sale in February 2023 are 10,100 US dollars (16610LN), 12,100 US dollars (116610LN) and 14,000 US dollars (126610LN). The market price is higher than the fixed price. The current premium rate is between 35% and 37%. The impact is also considerable.

Although the decline in the popular watch market is not an avalanche, but a little bit every month, but since April 2022, it has been more strongly felt that the value of most popular Rolex replica watches site began to decline, and now after ten consecutive months of decline, The prices of long-selling popular models like the black Swiss movements Rolex Submariner fake watches have also begun to change. WatchCharts noticed that the market prices of the three generations of black Rolex Submariner watches have shrunk by 14%, 17% and 17% respectively, compared with February 2022 a year ago. % and 21%, the biggest difference is the active 126610LN, and the smallest drop is the 16610LN, which has been out of production for a long time. This model is currently available in the secondary market for as little as $9,000 (equivalent to HKD 70,620 in contract) (premise In terms of the current market conditions, about 70,000 Hong Kong dollars can be used to buy China replica Rolex Submariner watches, which is considered a very sweet price. If you don’t consider the market price first, which one of the three generations of black Rolex Submariner watches do you most want to buy?

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