As We Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, We Look Back At This Photo Of Him Wearing His Gold UK Perfect Rolex Datejust Fake Watches

On the third Monday of January in the United States, we observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which memorializes the Civil Right leader and everything he fought for when it came to equality and rights for Black citizens of this country during the movement’s height in the 1960s. He was tragically assassinated in 1968, at which time the idea to commemorate his life and accomplishments was first born. In 1983, Ronald Reagan signed the law that made the holiday official and it was first observed three years later in 1986. It unfortunately took some time for all 50 states to recognize it, but as of the year 2000, we take this day to remember Dr. King.

As a native of Washington D.C., I cannot help but think about him and his accomplishments each time I walk past the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool. Dr. King was fully memorialized with his own monument along the Tidal Basin in 2011 and I encourage anybody visiting the city to check it out.

Here, we do our best to tell stories about significant watches – watches that were party to history. MLK Jr.’s solid gold 36mm cheap 1:1 Rolex Datejust replica watches (assumed to be a ref. 1601) on a jubilee bracelet is about as significant as they come. More than any other watch that Dr. King wore, it’s the Datejust we see the most. It’s admittedly difficult top Rolex fake watches to miss with its yellow gold bracelet and case, and of course the iconic Rolex cyclops date window.

This luxury UK copy Rolex watches has become an icon unto itself by virtue of its association with the legend himself. We have previously covered this watch in terms of its significance to MLK’s legacy from a style perspective. I also wrote an edition of Watching Movies on the film Selma, in which David Oyelowo wore very similar gold high quality replica Rolex Datejust watches to the watch worn by Dr. King. Movies like that tend to miss seemingly small but important details, and it spoke volumes that the biopic felt this Swiss movements Rolex super clone watches was so recognizable that it would be wrong to not be historically accurate when it came to the MLK Datejust.

The image we see here today shows Dr. King leading the March Against Fear on June 9, 1966. It is a perfect portrait of him in action, working tirelessly in his Civil Rights efforts. While we can’t help covering and celebrating the best AAA replica Rolex watches, today we’re sure to celebrate the man.

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